Daniel | Photographer/Owner

Daniel will sometimes (often) hide in the studio and pop out when you least expect it.  He has perfected this skill. He is our fearless leader(after he has had his coffee).  Daniel has been in the photography business since the age of 19. He started this studio when he was 22 years old. He has photographed over 400 weddings and almost 1000 seniors. He's got a knack for putting you at ease when you are in front of his camera.

Megan | Photographer/Studio Manager

Megan is our studio manager and she ROCKS! She is an ace at keeping the studio running day to day. From day one Megan has been kicking butt.  She has a photography degree from HTC specializing in wedding and portraits. She loves Chipotle and makes a mean M&M cookie.  She is an invaluable addition to our studio family(she brings cookies).  

Jer | Videographer/Editor/Photographer

Jeremiah is an all around nice guy. He is often the punchline for all of our jokes (sorry Jer). He is technical wizard with grit to match. He is also a full time student and an entrepreneur. There isn't anything we can throw at him that he can't handle - and we have tried!